Facilities in school

We help the young minds to wisdom their horizons to
learn and to think for themselves. We strive to inculcate certain moral social, intellectual, spiritual & Physical values

Smart Classes (Audio & Visual System)

The School has a room were Audio & Visual equipments like Projector, all subject study through digit. (Smart Classes); CD-Player & Audio for Screening of educational documentaries are kept for the overall development of the child.


The school has fully fledged computer centre equipped with Pentium, DTP System, Laser Printer, Multimedia, Internet etc. Computer literacy is imparted right from Class - I.

Art & Craft

The School provides a special teacher for building various creative interest of the child in the field of art and craft.

Dance, Drama & Music

The school has a separate music room where vocal 86 Instrumental music training is provided to the student under the guidelines of an expert music teacher.


The school provide different vehicle for picking & dropping students with a full safety & security which save time of the students coming from distant area.


All students are required to come to school in their proper neat 86 clean uniform. Those students who fail to maintain their proper uniform will not be allowed to attend their classes.


i. Pupils must be present in school before the assembly commences.
ii. Students should have at least a minimum of 80 % of attendance per terms/ academic year, if not such students may be detained.
Iii. No any student may leave the school premises during class hour except by special permission from the Principal


i. All students must bring the school diary regularly.
ii. The diary serves as a convenient channel of two way communication between parents & teachers.
Iii. If the need arise then teacher will call for the parent by making an entry in the same school diary of the student. It is essential that the parent complies with the teacher's' request.


a) Courtesy and respect must be the key aspect of a pupil's behavior.
b) Disrespect and disobedience may result indisciplina, action.
c) Pupils are advised to greet all the staff and visitors with respect. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.

Payment of Fee

(a) Ali fees are to be deposited monthly in advance that is by the 20. of eve, month.
(b) Fees will only be accepted on the working days during 9 am to 2 Pm
(c) A fine of Rs. 50/- will he charged after 20. of every month in case of failureness of depositing fee on time.
(d) Student's name is liable to be struck off the school roles if his/her dues remain unpaid for more than 60 days after due date of payment without any information to account section. In such case, the student can attend the school only after taking the re-admission by paying Rs. 500/-
(e) Any child who has any outstanding dues at the time of terminal or final examination will not be allowed to sit in the examination.
(f) Fees once paid will not be refunded.

Recommendation to Parents

The school looks forward to the cooperation of parents:-
(a) Parents are requested to watch that their wards wear clean uniform of the School daily.
(b) Students should complete the homework assigned to them.
(c) Books should be neatly covered and labeled.
(d) The parents are fully committed to keep the School informed in written about any vital information concerning the child's adverse physical or mental health.
(e) Criticisms of a teacher must be avoided in presence of Id because it undermines respect for the teachers and the School in child.

Transfer Certificate

Transfer certificate will be issued from the office on the payment of a fee of Rs. 200/-. Application for the same must. be submitted to the office giving a clear seven (7) days notice for issuing of the T.C.

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