The Campus

The School has a spacious big building for teaching, administration, games and Sports purposes.

The Spacious class rooms are constructed to ensure free ventilation and maximum light They are spacious enough to provide scope for free movement to children, ea. class room is provided with modern teaching aids.
The library of the School has 5000 books on various subjects to cater to the needs of children of various age groups. In addition to this there are newspaper, magazines and periodicals means to infuse an interest regarding sports, current affairs and various competitions. A trained Librarian maintains the library.
The School has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math's with the requisite modem scientific apparatus.
Cricket, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Badminton, Martial Art & Football are available M. the School
The Recreation Hall of the School is spacious. Indoor games are .so played here.
The School has a proposed Swimming pod (60,401 to train student in swimming. It has attached shower, rooms & toilet.. Mil Auditorium: The School has an auditorium for lectures, drama and parents meet etc. with capacity of 600 seats. lt has been designed to cater to a maximum of 1500 students.
The School conducts classes from Nursery to Std. X. English is the medium of instruction, but the Nation. language, also gets due importance here, Sanskrit, Hindi & Urdu language are also taught here but it is not compulsory.
The daily routine starts with assembly followed by 01 regular classes, recess and dismissal.
The School has big campus for physical and health program. No student is allowed to remain absent from the playground during the assigned hour other than confirmed sickness. Students are encouraged to participate in all games.
The students are guided & pursued to maintain .If disciplined. However in case of serious violation of discipline by a student he/she can be removed by the principal at his/her sole discretion.
Two periods a week are allotted for this activity. The activities include following hobbies, which each child can select. (1) Debates (ii) Music (iii) Painting (iv) dance (v) Drama & Gardening etc.
Visit to gardens, ZOO, Music, Circus, Historical place, Picnic party is also arranged by this school with co-operation of students' Parents. (xv) Health Facilities: The School is going to provide the facilities of monthly check up very shortly to those students who are enrolled for medical checkup and care by the expert doctors arranged by the school management. For minor ailments, the students are attended by the qualified School doctor. In case of any serious illness or injury, the parents/ local guardians are informed immediately.

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