Academic Session

The School session starts from April and end in March.
The main objective behind these explanation is solely the education. pattern from the prevailing the social environment.

The School welcomes applications from all regardless of race, religion, culture. Prospective students should fill in the application form for admission attached to the prospectus and submit it to the school's admission office.
The parents can register the wards by filling in the Registration Form. Registration is not a guarantee for admission, though preference will be given to those who are registered with the school. The initial test is a necessary. This fee is not refundable.
Admission to the school is open to boys & girls from India and abroad irrespective of class, creed or community. The child should be medically fit. Student joining the school will produce their school leaving certificate. In the case of a fresh admission a birth certificate is a must.
Books and stationery can be provided to the students by the school
1. Academic year starts from April and Ends in March.
2. A written and personality test is taken for every class and only successful students are admitted.
3. Generally withdrawal is not permitted during session. If one decides to withdraw his/her ward, please write to the principal at least one month before if you fail then you would be charged one month fees in lieu of notice of withdrawal.
(A) Admission Fee
Registration fee:- 300/-
Admission fee:- 1500/-
Development fee:- 500/-
Term Charge: - 1000/- (500+500)
Security Money:- 500/-
Lab Charge:- 600/400 /-
Stationary Fee:- 250/-
Total:- 4650/-
Tution Fee (Class Wise):- ...................
Bus Fee (Requirement) .................
(B) Class Fee Chart
N.J, L.K.G, U.K.G:- 450/-
Std I - II:- 500/-
Std III - IV:- 550/-
Std V - VI: - 600/-
Std VII - VIII:- 700/-
Std IX - X:- 900 /-
(C) Term Charge : Term charge must be paid as Rs. 1000/- once a year but this amount also has been divided into two parts. One .part must be paid in the month of April (as Rs 500/-) and the second part should be paid in the month of October (as Rs 500/-) every year.

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